What is Math Gym?

The Math Gym provides a framework of connecting the practice to class work in a tangible way. The Math Gym features “conditioning coaches” and “personal trainers” who will help students keep their foundational math skills in good working order. It promotes healthy math habits among all our students, drawing a clear analogy between the regular work outs and conditioning needed to maintain both athletic and mathematical skill.

How Can Math Gym Help My Grade?

  • Working out strengthens “math muscles” so you do well on quizzes and exams!
  • Expert coaches can help direct your study.
  • You’ll find other students from your class there – form study groups!
  • Math Gym workouts may help your grade – consult Blackboard or your instructor to find out how.

Additional Resouce

You may wish to take advantage of additional tutoring help offered by the Math Lab at the Learning Resources Center.

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